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The Original Dog Bakery are a team of expert dog bakers that specialise in tasty treats for dogs.

Using ingredients that are safe for dogs, we create beautiful, handmade cookies, doughnuts, cakes and muffins.

We believe that dogs need a healthy, mixed diet, with the occasional treat, that's why we produce a variety of baked products for them to enjoy, which are packed full of natural ingredients.

After starting the bakery in Liverpool, many years ago, we have learnt so much about dogs' health and wellbeing and we would never use ingredients that we wouldn't give to our own dogs. 

As you can imagine, we love dogs and being able to work with them, and meeting new friends, everyday is priceless.

That love and passion goes into every single item we make.

We are very active on our social channels, where you'll find great reviews, behind the scenes of the bakery, new products and lots and lots of dog photos (please feel free tag us in anything you post, we love seeing happy dog photos).

If you have any questions about products, please contact us or head over to our FAQs section.

The Original Dog Bakery Team